NoVa Caps Podcast: Breaking Down the Pens

NoVa Caps Podcast

Round One was all about the Netminders – what will Round Two bring? Tune in to hear the NoVa Caps Podcast team discuss what the Caps need to do to shut down the Penguins, especially the Pen’s first and second line centers Crosby and Malkin! 

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In this episode, recorded on Wednesday, April 27th, Gabe, George, Scott and Craig discuss the final three games in Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where the Capitals ended the Flyers season with a game six victory that went down to the wire. They shift gears and get right into the key factors for a successful series against the Pens.

After knocking off one Pennsylvania team, we head westward to that “other” Pennsylvania team and welcome the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Verizon Center tonight for the start of Round Two. You’ll hear the cast discuss our offensive top lines, those six players and specifically our second line of Kuzy, Williams and Burakovsky and their need to step things up from their first round play. Scott will touch upon Holtby’s stellar performance in round one and what we can expect to see from the Pen’s rookie Netminder, Murray. The group also discusses the Capitals greater physical presence and the quickness of the Pens offensive line – which has been a force to be reckoned with lately – how these two differences will match up, and what the Caps will need to do to stay ahead in the series.

We’ll close out the show by having Gabe, George, Scott and Craig share their predictions on the outcome of the series, and let’s just say none of them see a quick wrap-up, so plan your schedule accordingly.

The NoVa Caps PodCast team welcomes feedback and suggestions from our listeners – so, please feel free to send us an email to with your thoughts, comments and or ideas for segments in upcoming recordings.

Get comfortable, sit back and relax and enjoy the show! Let’s Go Caps!

Beckie Kulak Reilly

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