Flyers-Capitals: A Love Story…..Gone Horribly Wrong

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We thought the best way to start-off a Flyers-Capitals play-off week was to revisit some of the recent history between the two teams, setting the stage for this Thursday night’s series opener. 

Probably the most feisty game in recent history escalated from a 7-0 drubbing of the Flyers by the Caps. Following the Caps 7th goal, the Flyers initiated a line brawl, which included the now infamous assault of Braden Holtby by Flyers goalie, and former boxer, Ray Emery. (11/01/13)

A month later, Tom Wilson would blast Brayden Schenn, a hit ultimately deemed legal by the league office. (12/17/13)

Three months later, another line brawl (03/05/14)

Matt Niskanen’s hit on Scott Laughton from last year may have been the Capitals best hit of the season (01/14/15)

Laughton would look for payback in the following game, but Niskanen said no. (02/08/15)

In February of this year, Matt Niskanen would embarrass the Flyers by skating the length of the ice, and through the Flyers defense for the game winner.

Feisty Gems From Further Back
Going further back, this bench clearing brawl in 1985 was a beauty. (03/08/85).

And this beauty from 1991

NBC’s Philadelphia-Washington Rivalry Video. If you haven’t seen the following video, it provides a decent historical overview of the rivalry, since the Caps inception in 1974. The video includes brief discussion of how the Flyers came to the Caps aid in the early 80’s to help save the Caps franchise.

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