Barry Trotz Shares Insight on the Playoffs


During Monday’s post-practice press conference, Barry Trotz shed some light on the NHL playoffs.  Trotz used an analogy of a hockey team going into the playoffs like firemen entering a burning building. 

When discussing what the playoffs are like, Trotz said that things happen quicker in the playoffs, and the playoffs can be “chaotic.”  He also stated that in order to properly prepare for the playoffs, a player has to practice hard and have all of the details in their game.  Trotz also emphasized that players must win their 1-on-1 battles.

The analogy that Trotz used is pretty accurate.  The playoffs are quite chaotic, and every team has to face various levels of adversity along the way.  In the playoffs, the games are closer, and the individual battles are important all over the ice.  The speed and intensity of the playoff games are at a much higher level.


Braden Holtby is on the verge of making history in the NHL.  He has a great opportunity to break Martin Brodeur’s single-season win record.  If Holtby gets 2 more wins, he will break the record.

Trotz mentioned that Holtby has been one of the Capitals’ best players all year, and he is well-respected in the locker room.  Trotz also stated that if Holtby did break the record, it would be a wonderful team accomplishment.  While Holtby’s name would be mainly attached to the single-season win record, the record is a reflection of the Capitals record-breaking season.


Barry Trotz believes in his team and believes they can get the job done.  He carries the winning mentality, and it has rubbed off in a positive way on the Capitals this year.

There are so many words that can describe Trotz.  Fair, detailed, and caring are probably the best words that describe Trotz.  He is a believer in team work, and he is a believer in his message to players.

If there is someone that deserves as much credit for this record-breaking season of the Washington Capitals, it is Barry Trotz.  One can learn so much about the game of hockey just by listening to his press conferences.  The Washington Capitals are in good hands going into the playoffs, and the fans should be excited.  Sure, some previous playoff failures surround this organization.  But this season is different, this team is different, and this Capitals Head Coach is different.  The script is not finished yet, and there is still plenty of work left for this Capitals team.

By: George Foussekis

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