An Unfamilair Space – Now What?

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Uncharted waters, virgin territory, strange confines – whichever geogrpaphical metaphor you prefer to traverse, the Capitals will be spending the next three weeks in an unfamiliar way, essentially killing time.

Sure, they can work on their game, try some new things with line combos, and make a final push for Holtby’s record and the Presidents trophy, but other than that, make no mistake, this team wishes the playoffs started tomorrow.

Coach Trotz has already stated he believes in keeping the hammer down in lieu of resting his players. What do you think Coach Trotz should do?

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His passion for the Caps has grown over the decades, which has included time as a season ticket holder, social media and community organizer, and most recently led to the founding of NoVa Caps in 2014. Jon earned a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering at Old Dominion University, and is a Systems Engineer during intermissions, which has been instrumental in supporting his Capitals habit.
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2 Responses to An Unfamilair Space – Now What?

  1. Jerry says:

    Rest key players who are fatigued or have a nagging injury. Reduce the ice time for certain players who have logged many minutes such as Niskanen and even Williams who you would want fresh for the playoffs. Play the 3rd and 4th line more minutes going down the stretch. Start your playoff line up the last three games of the season to get in sync for the playoffs.

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