Best and Worst Moments: 2016 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

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On Saturday in Nashville, hockey fans were treated to a slew of events throughout the day. The NHL’s biggest stars displayed their skills at the NHL All-Stars Competition. The fans who watched in person or on television received some real surprises and funny moments throughout the event.

The NHL All-Star Skills Competition has certainly had some memorable moments over the years. What were some of the best and worst moments of the 2016 NHL All-Star Skills Competition? Let’s take a look at some of these moments:



kuzy-backstrom.jphEvgeny Kuznetsov put on a show tonight for the crowd in Nashville. It is safe to say that he has a little bit of the Great 8 in him.  His tribute to Ovechkin included the use of a right-handed stick, in addition to the hat and shades.  Kuzy’s tribute was complete with a tribute to Ovechkin’s pre-shot beverage chug as well, with an assist from teammate Nicklas Backstrom.


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The inner Star Wars nerd is in me, so I loved this. Brent Burns showcased the evolution of his facial hair perfectly.


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So PK Subban won the Breakaway Challenge dressing up as Jaromir Jagr. Jagr seemed to enjoy the moment, even though it seemed like he did not want to be at the All-Star events this weekend.


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John Scott is probably the biggest celebrity in Nashville this weekend. The crowd is buying all of his merchandise, and he is getting the biggest cheers. The NHL owes him a big apology.


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From the man who is the hero in Nashville right now to the man who is the biggest villain. Patrick Kane is public enemy #1 in Nashville right now. John Scott seemed to get a big kick out of Kane getting booed heavily by the crowd.


John Scott hands are not really used for moves like this. Maybe he should just stick to the fisticuffs.


C’mon Jagr. Everyone knows that you did not want to be at the All-Star game in the first place. But you should not hint to the crowd that you are miserable in their city.


Video from the Skills Competition

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