Ovechkin doesn’t celebrate goals the way he used to.

SLUG: sp_caps5 DATE: May, 4, 2009 CREDIT: Toni L. Sandys / TWP LOCATION: Washington, DC CAPTION: Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin celebrates after scoring his third goal during the game at the Verizon Center on Monday, May 5, 2009. The Capitals won 4-3. StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on Mon May 4 21:56:01 2009

Photo: Toni L. Sandys / Washington Psot

editorial You know what, I’m glad too.  No, I am not one of those stuffy old school fans who hate when players celebrate goals, nor am I one of those Canadian hockey fans who hate Ovechkin because he is Russian.  I am a long-time Caps fan who loves Ovechkin.

alex-ovechkin-washington-capitals-cellebrationWhat has changed in his celebrating?  Do you remember the Tampa Bay game?  When the Caps were down 3-0, Ovechkin potted a Power Play goal which narrowed the margin and started the epic comeback.  Did he celebrate by jumping around or by screaming?  No, he humbly fist bumped his teammates.  I love this change.  Before, he might have celebrated more exuberantly, but now, no.  It shows the new and improved Ovechkin…aware of what the team is going through, focused on winning the game.  What is there to celebrate?  We’re still down two goals!  Let’s get back at it.  Let’s focus.

Don’t feel sad, Ovechkin still does celebrate like a vandal.  Look at his game tying goal after pulling a sick move on the defenseman.  Ovechkin celebrated in a fashion we are more used to, pumping even more energy into a team that was surging.  That extra energy might have added fuel for even more goals.

Right now, Ovechkin has a better feel for the game, the timing, and his teammates.  Heck they all do.  This isn’t like any Caps team I’ve seen.  This almost doesn’t look like Ovechkin.  He almost looks like Steve Yzerman, and that ain’t a bad thing.

By Lincoln Cajulis

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