In Search of a Spark – The Mystery of “Momentum”


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editorialLast nights thrilling comeback win by the Caps was quite impressive. Not just for the five unanswered goals that occurred in the last half of the game, but also for the way the Caps seemed to light the fire in a moments notice.

I’m always amazed at this thing called “momentum”. It’s hard to quantify, hard to measure, heck it’s hard to define or really understand at all. One thing is certain, last nights turn in the game was an abrupt, radical reversal, rather than a gradual, building shift in play. The change brought on a furious, unstoppable force, that would have impressed any sports fan. Period.

We could debate which moment was the actual striking of the proverbial match. Was it the first goal?  Ovechkin’s goal woke the crowd up.


You could feel people coming out of their funk, starting to feel the possibility of a comeback.  Or was it the Nisky blast?

For me, it was Grubauer’s impressive save, followed immediately by Oshie’s dash down the ice for the Capitals second goal.  We went from potentially going down 4-1, to pulling closer at 3-2, all in less than 30 seconds.

Whichever moment it was, maybe all of the above, the change led to something you wish to god you could can.

By Jon Sorensen

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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