A Glimpse Inside Ovi’s Stick Collection


Many Caps fans may not know that our beloved Captain, Alex Ovechkin is an avid hockey stick collector. And when we say avid, we mean AVID!

NoVa Caps reader Marcia Stone had the privilege recently to take a quick tour of Ovi’s stick room.  (That’s right, stick “room”) She even got to check out a few of the sticks in his collection. (Marcia is holding a stick from Zdeno Chara). Thank you for sharing your experience, Marcia!


(Photo: Alex Ovechkin)

Ovi’s collection covers a wide array of stick nostalgia, including goalie sticks, sticks from past players as well as sticks from modern-day players. Believe it or not, there are even Sidney Crosby and Henrik Lundqvist sticks in the bunch.


(Photo: Alex Ovechkin)

Alex also provided a brief view of his memorabilia room, including a couple of shots of his stick collection in a video he posted on his Instagram account last year.

It’s obvious Alex Ovechkin takes great pride in his collection, and rightfully so. What a great way to remember a hall-of-fame career.

Ovechkin finally received a game-used stick from the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, after winning the Stanley Cup in 2018.

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  1. ovithegr8fan says:

    Total respect for Ovi!

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