Sitting Burakovsky


editorialIt’s partially about production.  One point in eleven games just is not enough for someone of his 6’3” frame and skill.  While moving him up and down the lineup since Backstrom’s return hasn’t helped, Burakovsky has seemed lost and disengaged from play at times.  It will act as a mental breather, allowing him watch the game and see where he should be positioned, how he should play, and most importantly…allow him to clear his head.

bura-trotz-conversationIt’s partially about Galiev.  Galiev has been on fire at Hershey in the American Hockey League.  His hard work as earned him a shot at some ice time in the NHL.   With good showing, even without putting up points, Galiev might just stay up in the NHL.  Right now, he even has a power play assignment in the “Ovi” role on the second unit.  His play might also influence Burakovsky to up his game, Bura should be watching how Galiev is playing on the team’s third line.

It’s partially about timing, seasoning, and depth.  This is the NHL and every team needs depth.  It is an 82 game season and there will be injuries.  We have already seen Chandler Stephenson see time spelling Latta as an additional center.  Galiev is seeing time as additional scoring wing.  Both have come at times when the replaced players were not playing their best.  It is early in the season the organization has to look at its prospects and see how they are developing and how they will play against seasoned professionals.  What the Capitals are hoping for is that this time spent up by these players will help season them grow and mature, so that when injuries occur, they will fill in nicely.

Burakovsky will be back soon.  Trotz said so.  Take the man at his word.  This coach and organization know how good this twenty-year-old kid is going to be.  He is too valuable of a player for the organization to sit him and stunt his growth as a player.  Right now, Burakovsky is worrying about things he doesn’t need to be worrying about right now.  He is a kid, and kids are full of all sorts of insecure and inane thoughts that eventually work their way out of your system as you mature.  Don’t worry fans, Burakovsky is here to stay.

By Lincoln Cajulis

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Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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  1. Michael Fleetwood says:

    When my family went to a game in Hershey last year, Galiev scored the overtime winner (completing his hat trick) from the”Ovi spot”. One-timer and it was over.

  2. Diane Doyle says:

    I enjoy watching Galiev although he seems like a late bloomer in many ways. He starred in Juniors (although he was sidelined with a broken wrist for much of his last year there but cleaned up in the playoffs & should have gotten the playoff MVP award but it was more like a MVP 1A and 1B situation.) He didn’t do well in Hershey for his 1st year but cleaned up in the ECHL. Next year, spent time at both Hershey and the ECHL but was sidelined for a long period of time for a shoulder injury (forget the details). Then, last year, it clicked. He seems to need a lot of time to master a certain level but when he masters it, he really masters it. He still looks like such a skinny kid, even at age 23. (Younger than Latta by a few months. Only 2 years older than Wilson)

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