Alex Ovechkin – “I’m still like a child waiting for Father Frost to come every New Year”.



Alex Ovechkin has always been a guy that loves to have fun and this summer was no different. After the Capitals disbanded for the summer, Alex and his girlfriend Nastya traveled throughout the globe. The two made stops in Turkey and Greece with Nastya’s parents, as well as to Vegas for the NHL Awards. They then packed their bags and headed to Alex’s parents’ ‘dacha’, which is essentially a vacation or summer home. There, they were surrounded by family, including both Alex’s parents and Nastya’s.

In the interview with , it was mentioned that Alex received “the best NHL sniper trophy” (Maurice “Rocket Richard Trophy, which is awarded to the player who has tallied the most goals at the end of the regular season). Always up for some fun, Ovechkin said that while he liked Vegas, there is only so much one can do in one week. So to make their trip even more fun, Alex and Nastya went to nightclubs, casinos (although Ovi admitted he didn’t play much; and if he did, it was only roulette). Ovechkin was also asked whether his life wishes had come true, to which he answered: “I’m still like a child waiting for Father Frost to come every New Year”.

ovi1NoVa Caps’ Marina McD explains that Father Frost is the Russian version of Santa and that he leaves presents under the “Christmas tree”, which is in fact, not a Christmas tree but looks similar. Ovi said he still celebrates it when the Caps are playing in Washington, but unfortunately it will not be possible this season, as the Caps are playing the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh.

Alex and Nastya also discussed how they met: they met in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. While there, he was introduced to her father. However, it is not clear when their relationship truly began, as they did not mention it. Another interesting discussion topic was of Ovechkin’s missing tooth, something he is widely known for! When asked if he will get an implant, Ovi responded, saying, “I could get an implant. But if the implant were to be knocked out, it would cause dental problems.

Money happened to be mentioned in the interview, and while he is the third-highest paid player in terms of annual salary (Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane of Chicago signed matching eight-year, $84 million contracts which puts their annual cap hit at $10.5 million; Ovechkin’s is $9.5 million), he refused to talk or think about it.

ovi2Nastya also talked about hockey, saying that her father used to play frequently and that she loves coming to Capitals games at the Verizon Center. She also shared her pride in Alex, stating that “she is proud of her man”. She shared that her mother attended all of her father’s games and that history is repeating itself. Nastya also made clear that if she and Ovechkin would have a daughter, she would prohibit her from playing hockey because it is “a very brutal sport and a lady must remain a lady”. Ovechkin was also asked whether he would ever be willing to play on a team that featured a player he personally dislikes. He responded by saying “Of course!  Maybe you don’t like him personally, but if he can help the team, what’s the problem?”

Ovechkin will return to D.C. on September 13th or 14th in time for the Capitals’ training camp; which also happens to begin on his 30th birthday (September 17th).

Translated by Marina McD, Written by Michael Fleetwood

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