Holtby Asking for $8 million


Via @TimWharnsby, Reuters & CBC Sports contributor, Capitals goalie Braden Holtby has asked for $8 million in arbitration and the Caps have offered $5.1 million.  Both sides are fine with a long-term deal of 5-6 years, so the term of the contract is apparently not an issue.  Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post has confirmed the numbers.

The Caps have elected a one-year deal for Holtby in arbitration, per a source. This would return him to restricted free agency next summer.

The assigned arbitrator can settle on NHL salary somewhere in the middle and in the case of Holtby ($8m) vs Caps ($5.1m) that will probably be the case.

Elliot Friedman reports “From what I’ve heard about Holtby contract discussions, issue is RFA years, not UFA years. The difference in the filings indicates that.”

Alex Prewitt of the Washinton Post reports:

The two numbers, filed Tuesday morning in pre-arbitration briefs, are significantly different from the values that had been discussed in previous talks, though not unexpected. With an independent arbitrator assigned to rule on a middle ground – unlike, for instance, the NFL, where either the team or player’s desired value is chosen – both sides often trend in opposite directions in their requests. Simply put, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The Washington Post article can be found here.

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