A Funny (apparently) Interview with Evgeny Kuznetsov

I came across this video of an interview with a very young Evgeny Kuznetsov.  The thing that caught my attention was the fact that Kuzy was laughing at almost all of the questions. I had to know, so I asked NoVa Caps Russian translator Marina McD to translate. Thank you Marina.

1. Is it true that the reason for the russian junior hockey team being kicked out of the plain was that you didn’t declare that you were carrying medals?
K: No that was not the problem. I think everybody knows what the problem was by now…
2. Perhaps you know what the difference is between spanx and leggings?
K: Well I am the wrong person to ask, but I guess leggings are made of leather and spanx made out of a different kind o material? No? Ok.
3. Is it true that you are getting married this summer and that you are gonna wear a gold medal on your neck to the city hall? And what is going to wear the bride on her neck?
K: I am indeed getting married this summer, but I won’t be wearing the medal to the city hall. I don’t know what the bride is going to wear but I will wear the gold medal during the first night night after the wedding…
4. What is the most stupid question women ask you?
K: “How old are you?” Can’t stand it.
5. What was the last book you read? And was’t it by chance the first one?
K: The last book I read was a book about apocalypse. And It is very possible it was my the first one as well… but I haven’t even finished it yet…
6. What can you do well except playing hockey?
K: The thing is I can’t do anything else. I do sing! When I am at home… alone…
7. Do you think the captain of the national Finland hockey team has already untied his skate laces?
K: I think he has, but not without help.
8. [technical terminology about tractors – hard to translate]: where is the offload on the tractor and where is the scoop?
K: Well I assume the offload is in the back, just like with everybody. And the scoop is in the front – just like with all normal people. I think everybody understands why.
9. Beer without vodka – a waste of money?
K: I don’t know. I don’t drink either beer or vodka. I am a sportsman. We don’t drink. It’s a wrong kind of question. And we were kicked off the plain not because we were drunk, by the way.
10. How many “fartassed” hockey players live in Chelyabinsk?
K: [laughing] I am probably the only one. I made a joke once and now everybody asks about that.

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