Why Isn’t Capitals Great Dale Hunter in the Hall of Fame? One Theory.


Could Dale Hunter’s Unprecedented Shot on Pierre Turgeon Possibly Have Cost Him A Spot in the Hall of Fame?

Dale Hunter is one of the greatest players in Washington Capitals’ history, no fan could argue that. The former captain finished his NHL career second all-time in penalty minutes with 3,565. But the one-time head coach of the Capitals may be remembered by New York Islanders fans for delivering one of the most-controversial cheap shots in NHL history.

It occurred on April 28, 1993. It was Game 6 of the Patrick Division semifinals; and ultimately, the final game. With the Islanders up 3-1, the Capitals had time to shorten the lead. However, a misplaced pass by Hunter landed on the blade of Pierre Turgeon’s stick; and he made the Capitals’ forward pay. Turgeon put the game, and ultimately the series, out of the Caps’ reach. As he began to celebrate, Hunter blindsided Turgeon, sending him into the boards. What ensued afterwards was pure chaos: Turgeon’s teammates pounced on Hunter, causing a pile-up of Capitals, Islanders, and officials. Hunter was escorted to the visitors’ dressing room by an official.

Gary Bettman, the NHL’s commissioner since 1992, was new to his position when the incident occurred. Then-Caps General Manager, David Poile (and currently the Nashville Predators’ GM) and Hunter were called to Bettman’s office in New York; where Bettman then proceeded to suspend Hunter for a then-record 21 games. While Hunter would later admit he went too far; his decision that night had lasting effects on Turgeon. Turgeon suffered a separated shoulder and a concussion from the check and was never the same player he had been before the hit.

Hunter was also guilty of another questionable hit on December 8, 1987 vs. the Calgary Flames.  Hunter ran the Flames’ Joe Nieuwendyk into a corner of glass near the Capitals bench.

Hunter’s offensive numbers are certainly enough to get him consideration for the Hockey Hall of Fame; but induction may never come to fruition. While he played 1,407 games in his career, posting 323 goals and 697 assists for 1,020 points, Hunter’s image as a “controversial” player leaves his chances a bit murky. Hunter clearly went too far; even Washington fans could admit that. But should one hit damage a player’s chances of being considered one of the all-time best? Absolutely not. But just watching the hit, one has to wonder exactly what No. 32 was thinking that night? Hunter clearly made a mistake, albeit a costly one. But his numbers speak for themselves: his HOF chances shouldn’t be damaged by one hit that happened over 20 years ago.

The Capitals-Islanders rivalry has become reignited since the realignment; and this year’s playoffs were a testimony to that.  A good example of the reignition was demonstrated by Tom Wilson’s hit on Lubomir Visnovsky.

In today’s NHL, a hit like that could possibly cost a player an entire season. But the hit occurred in 1993, and although controversial, should not be the reason Hunter isn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame; no matter how severe it may be.

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Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His interest in the Caps has grown over the decades and included time as a season ticket holder. He has been a journalist covering the team for 10+ years, primarily focusing on analysis, analytics and prospect development.
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12 Responses to Why Isn’t Capitals Great Dale Hunter in the Hall of Fame? One Theory.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    because he is a thug who never won anythng.

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  6. Dan says:

    This happened at the cap center in md…not new jersey…and we loved dale for the hit.

    • Greg Muth says:

      Shows what a low life piece of shit you are. Just like him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not smart. “Loved the hit” classless. It happened on Long Island the Caps lost AGAIN and this rightfully cost hunter the hall of fame because he is a goon and a loser 🤷‍♂️😀

  7. Neil A says:

    His offensive numbers were crap. The only thing this guy led the team or league in was penalty minutes. If you want to put a guy in for that, then he’s a shoe in. But 323 goals with no stanley cups or major awards isn’t going to get one in the Hall of Fame. Not even close. Peter Bondra deserves it more than Hunter. Don’t get me wrong, Hunter was a great team player, but not Hall of fame worthy.

  8. Brad Mooney says:

    You guys must be AMERICAN Hockey Fans…………As such you have NO CLUE! Dale Hunter deserves to be in the HOF its a NO BRAINER! As for Clark Gillies…..Dale Hunter had the EXACT same amount of Assists as Gillies did TOTAL Points! Not to mention 323 more Goals!!! Any player that spent the equivalent of 2 full NHL Seasons in the Penalty Box (based on 20 mins/game) in 1400 Games….So basically 1220 games and had 1020 points DESERVES to be in!

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