Game over, Green.


What was expected by most, and feared by many, came to reality today as Mike Green’s agent confirmed that his client (along with Eric Fehr) will be examining the free agency market, almost assuring Mike Green will not be returning to Washington. Mike Green became a polarizing figure in his last couple of seasons.  Green certainly has his fans, and they still believe in Green’s game. Other’s saw a noticeable decline in No. 52′ s game over the past couple of season.


Concussions plagued Green in the last few seasons, leading some to speculate about his ability to ever play at a top level again.  Green was relegated to the 3rd D-line last year, but at his price of $6 million, it was clear he was too expensive for the team.  Green was the 29th player selected in the 2004 NHL draft.

My personal favorite Green momnet, while in attendance:

We wish Mike Green luck with his new team.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God it over !!

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